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Quality and environment policy

The 5-star Hotels Palafox and Reina Petronila, 4-star Hiberus, Goya and Alfonso (Zaragoza Urbana, S.A.) and the 4-star Hotel Playa Victoria, S.A., conscious of the fact that their business activities may cause an impact on the environment and that the satisfaction of their clients is based on their corporate culture, would like to express their commitment with regard to Quality and the Environment through the following basic principles:

  • Ensure Compliance with all Legislation with regard to Quality and the Environment and other voluntary requirements.
  • Commitment to Continuous Improvement, setting out goals and objectives which, when revised, guarantee that, day by day, the service is better and the prevention of pollution is more effective. Innovation as progress towards Entrepreneurial Excellence.
  • Resource Management. Our installations offer our clients comfort and safety. Their maintenance and working order are one of our prime objectives.
  • Human Resource Management. Bearing in mind the enormous value which is brought to our hotels by its team of workers, emphasis is placed on continuous training and equal importance will be given to the figures of both internal and external clients. A happy, motivated collaborator and a well attended client.
  • Extend our commitment beyond the Organisation, involving suppliers and clients. Raise awareness in everyone, the future of the next generations.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Accessibility Standards are present in all our daily tasks and fully integrated in the new projects undertaken by the Hotels Division.

This is a declaration of intentions and principles which provides a framework for the activities of the company, and which is constantly under revision and at the disposal of our collaborators and the general public.

Zaragoza, February 2018
Antonio Presencio
Director Hotels Division