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Good water saving practices:

  • When something must be washed by hand the best way is to fill the bowl or sink instead of having the tap running.
  • It is recommended to clean fruit and vegetables in bowls or buckets. Avoid cleaning under a running tap.
  • It must be remembered that there are certain times when it is not necessary to have the tap running.
  • Optimise dishwasher use; washing a full load helps us to consume less water, energy and detergent.
  • Follow the manufacturers' recommendations regarding the use of the correct amount of product in the dishwasher or dishwashing station.
  • Special care with the drains:
    • Avoid pouring out pollutants such as cooking oil. This kind of waste (highly polluting) should be given to an authorised collector.
    • Use filters in basins/sinks to stop food and other solids getting into the drain.

Good energy saving practices:

  • Switch off the air conditioning and the lighting when you leave your workplace.
  • Avoid opening the refrigerator repeatedly.
  • Special care when storing dangerous products. If the products are kept close to a drain, they should be stored in waste disposal containers, to prevent spillage into the drainage system.
  • Label all the products we use correctly, and use special care with cleaning products.
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