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  • For stays of more than one night, as indicated on the linen change card in each room, change only the towels that are found in the bath and leave the ones that are hanging on the towel rails for further use. Likewise, if the guest leaves the card on the bed, the sheets will not be changed.
  • It must be remembered that there are certain times when we do not need to have the tap running. When we are cleaning and drying the rooms and common areas.
  • For cleaning tasks, use only the necessary amount of water and cleaning product. It is also recommended to use cold water whenever possible.
  • Follow the washing machine programmes, using them only with a full load and with cold water whenever possible. A temperature of 60ºC is high enough to clean the linen.
  • Special care when storing dangerous products. If the products are kept close to a drain, they should be stored in waste disposal containers, to prevent spillage into the drainage system.
  • Types of waste produced in the hotel:
    • Hazardous waste: fluorescent and halogen lamps, contaminated plastic containers, contaminated metal containers, batteries, contaminated absorbents, toner, ink cartridges, synthetic oil.
    • Non-hazardous waste: organic material, cardboard, glass, cooking oil, wooden articles, fabrics, light packaging, metals and rubble.

Noise and vibrations are considered a form of pollution which causes serious damage, so you should use the appropriate protection and do the noisier jobs at times when they will cause the least disturbance.

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