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  • Pay special attention to possible leaks from taps, toilets or pipes. Carrying out preventive maintenance will help to control most of the installation.
  • Do not pour pollutants such as oil, solvents, paint or similar down the drains. The supplier of the product will take charge of its disposal. Where this is not the case, it will be done by an authorised collector.
  • If you have several sources of light in your workplace, switch on only the necessary ones.
  • The air conditioning should never be set to below 26ºC and windows should not be opened while it is in use. Another good habit is to set the heating at 21ºC. Each degree above consumes between 5 and 7% more energy.
  • Replace “normal” light bulbs with energy-saving ones, such as compact fluorescent lamps or LEDs, which consume less energy and last much longer.
  • Check the storage levels of fuel necessary for the heating, to prevent leaks and the production of waste.
  • Store waste in places which have been specifically designated for the purpose until it is collected for processing, keeping the storage areas in good condition and preventing any type of pollution.
  • If the waste is kept close to a drain, waste disposal containers must be placed underneath, to prevent spillage into the drainage system.
  • Types of waste produced in the hotel:
    • Hazardous waste: fluorescent and halogen lamps, contaminated plastic containers, contaminated metal containers, batteries, contaminated absorbents, toner, ink cartridges, synthetic oil.
    • Non-hazardous waste: organic material, cardboard, glass, cooking oil, wooden articles, fabrics, light packaging, metals and rubble.
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