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  • A sheet of paper has two sides. Before throwing a sheet of paper away, we will use it to take notes or for a rough draft.
  • A couple of minutes more correcting any mistakes on the screen can avoid having to print our work again. Moreover we will only print what is strictly necessary. This will save ink and paper.
  • When copying or printing a leaflet or a book with several pages, remember to use typeface size reduction or printing on both sides.
  • Put any waste paper or cardboard in the boxes provided at your workplace.
  • Before using the photocopier, check the options selected: brightness, paper size (A3, A4…), number of copies, size reduction, etc. This way we can avoid making useless copies.
  • If your print job is for internal use, you can use the economy or draft setting (some printers have “economode”), which will save ink.
  • When it is necessary to change the toner or ink cartridge, the used one must be extracted and taken to the hotel's recycling point.
  • Remember that by carefully shaking the used toner or ink cartridge when there is very little left, we can extend its life.
  • Do not leave your computer, printer or light on at your workplace when you are away for long periods, for example at lunchtime, and especially at the end of your working day.
  • If you have several sources of light in your work area, avoid excess light and switch on only the necessary ones. Moreover, if you have natural light, take full advantage of it. Your eyesight will also benefit.
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