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  • It is not recommended to switch fluorescent lights on and off frequently. If the fluorescent light is going to be off for less than 20 minutes, it is better to leave it on because it shortens its life, since most of the energy is consumed when the light is switched on, besides extending its life.
  • If you have several sources of light in your workplace, avoid excess light and switch on only the necessary ones.
  • Switch off the air conditioning and the lighting when you leave your workplace. If you do not do this, the light may be left on for one or even two whole days!!!.
  • Both in homes and public buildings, good air conditioning allows you to be comfortable at 21º in winter with heating, and 26º in summer with refrigeration. Moreover, windows should be kept closed when in use. With these measures we can achieve considerable energy savings. Each degree above consumes between 5 and 7% more energy. These measures are compulsory in the bars, restaurants cafeterias of our hotels.
  • Gradual use of the air conditioning at the beginning will considerably reduce energy consumption.
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